Referee Arrested After Failing a Polygraph Test in Relation to “Refereeing Errors”

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After a serious of dubious errors, well-known Serbian referee Srdjan Obradovic, who allegedly also owns a betting company, was arrested last night after he failed a polygraph test in relation to his “refereeing errors”.

One of the finest Serbian SuperLiga referees insisted he had simply made a mistake in the latest incident, but polygraph testing showed his answers to be dishonest. Consequently, a judge found grounds to detain Obradovic for 30 days, as the police continues their investigation into the latest case of potential corruption.

Before the Spartak Subotica-Radnicki Nis match, which was set to decide who will play in the qualifying rounds for the next year’s Europa League, it was revealed that no national TV station would broadcast the game, despite its undoubted importance.

Soon after the match started, Obradovic came to attention after he gave two consecutive yellow cards to a Radnicki Nis player for contesting a referee’s decision in a matter of a minute. As if that wasn’t enough, Obradovic later awarded Spartak Subotica a penalty for alleged handball despite the video recording showing that the ball never really got up from the ground and couldn’t possibly have hit the Radnicki Nis player in the hand.

Strangely enough, the Serbian Football Association still hasn’t officially suspended Obradovic, as they wait for the outcome of the police investigation.

This worrying news comes just after his colleague Milorad Mazic was selected to referee the Champions League final in Kiev between Real Madrid and Liverpool.

The penalty decision that prompted the investigation can be seen on Youtube at