Pepe Reina Accused of Cooperating with the Mafia

Photo by Pepe Reina Official ( is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license

Former Liverpool and Napoli goalkeeper Pepe Reina has been summoned to court at the Italian football federation in relation to his alleged close ties with the mafia.

Pepe Reina, Paolo Cannavaro and Salvatore Aronica are set to face the FIGC’s disciplinary committee after an investigation by Naples’ anti-mafia department suspected them of keeping close relations with the mafia.

Allegedly, this is the main reason why Reina decided against extending his contract with Napoli, despite another relatively successful season for the Spaniard.

The former Liverpool goalkeeper will now move to AC Milan on a free transfer when the transfer window opens, but he will not be able to avoid his court summons regardless of the transfer.

“The FIGC says Reina ‘has had and continues to have inopportune association and friendship with Gabriele Esposito, Francesco Esposito and Giuseppe Esposito.’

It adds that that includes holidays and an exchange of favors.” (according to Daily Mail)

The shocking news has fueled rumors about a new Calciopoli investigation in Italian football, even though neither of the three player accused has so far been found to have done anything illegal, as accepting gifts from the mafia is not an illegal activity, unless it included favors from the players, which could then potentially be viewed as corruption and conspiracy to organize match-fixing.